Sue DeCaro. Parent Coach, Educator
& Conscious Living Ambassador

Helping parents around the globe to navigate through life’s daily parenting challenges.

‘Revitalizing the Joy in Parenting’

My name is Sue DeCaro and I am the founder of DeCaro Parent Coaching.

I experienced some challenging years raising my children and recognized the need for resources and support. Having successfully navigated almost every challenge imaginable, I offer my coaching expertise as well as compassion, understanding and hope.

Parenting has always been hard work, but is now more challenging than ever as a result of today’s fast-paced, stressed-filled, technology driven society.

My mission is to bring more laughter, love and enjoyment to your home life.

Private Coaching for Parents

parent coaching

Helping parents navigate every day challenges and connect more deeply with their children.
Parenting is a very challenging job.
We all need a little support in our own journey.

Conscious Education for Parents

Conscious Education for Parents

Speaking at schools and other meeting places to educate parents on specific topics – Conscious Parenting – Raising kids in Digital Age – Attitude of Gratitude – Raising Respectful Listener, etc

Conscious Education for Schools

Conscious Education for Schools

Supporting teachers to connect more deeply with their students, creating a more stimulating learning environment, & feeling calm and focused – workshops and webinars on Conscious and Mindful Teaching.