Be mindful of the space you are in,” said a woman to her young daughter in a coffee shop with many breakables. After hearing this statement, I sat there in disbelief. I had never heard this phrase before, but I couldn’t help but just sit in awe and let the beauty of those words soak in. This is an incredible way to communicate with our children about the need to be careful. The phrasing is everything!

Our children are so impressionable and can be overwhelmed by the way in which we speak to them. How we communicate things to them can have both a positive or negative effect. For example, when we constantly say to a child, “Be careful,” and “watch out,” we are putting them on guard all of the time. This type of communication can cause stress and anxiety in our children. However, if we tell them to be mindful of the space they are in, we are giving them the autonomy to know when they need to use caution or watch out. Rather than putting them on guard, we are making them aware of their surrounds.

Kids are affected by our language. If we use words that are gentle and kind, the impact is huge. Children take away positive feelings about their own value and worthiness through this type of communication. They are not being warned about dangers or what might go wrong but instead offered the opportunity to see the world around them in a mindful way, with present awareness.

When we practice this not only in our own lives, living moment to moment, we can shift our language to bring mindful communication to the forefront. When we do this, we offer our children many learning opportunities. We are the models in their lives. Every time we incorporate this way of speaking, communicating and being, we are creating a positive vibration for our child to grow and thrive. Integrating mindful communication is a key element in today’s parenting practice.

Mindful communication gives our children an opportunity to focus on their thoughts and emotions with less stress, and less feelings of being controlled. These opportunities allow them to enjoy conversations and space in a connected and calm way, enjoying the pleasures of their childhood.

What if this was how we always communicated with our children – keeping it light, fun and mindfully focused. Before we speak, we must always check in with ourselves and make sure we are grounded and calm. When we do this, we can communicate better. What would it look like if you began integrating this concept into your parenting practice? Perhaps we can all start by incorporating the phrase “be mindful of the space you are in.”

If you need some help or support in bringing mindfulness to your communication process, please reach out to me.

I would like to honor the individual who used this phrase and inspired this blog. Although I do not know her, I appreciate her and her words.


  1. This is such an inspiring read. My child of seven years is giving me a whole lot of headache. Sometimes I yell and throw away all I have learnt.

    She seems not to take instructions at all, becoming very irresponsible in her academic and chores. What can I do?

    • Thank you. I appreciate your comment. I would love to help you through this challenge. Let’s schedule a time to chat. Please feel free to message me or email me: I look forward to speaking with you soon.

  2. Very powerful! Made me reflect on the way that I speak to my children. Although now they’re 22 and 19. I will absolutely change the way I speak to them and will replace my “Be carefuls” with “Be mindfuls”!

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