Doubt in adulthood – How often does this occur? Do you ever ask yourself whether you are doing enough, good enough? Is what you’re doing as good as __________?

Too often we find ourselves in this mindset. Often, we scroll on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and see all of the amazing things that people are doing via social network. It is hard enough to feel like enough alone; adding in that piece of constantly reminding ourselves what others are achieving can really begin to hinder our perception of ourselves.

What can you do today to engage in a deep conversation with yourself about all the wonderful things that you are and that you do? How can you remind yourself daily that you are enough just as you are and support that with all the things that you know to be true about yourself?

We all have so many gifts to offer this world and yet so many of us are living in doubt. Turning this around is an enormous opportunity to live in your essence, connected to your true self. I guide my clients in the discovery of self-love, self-awareness, and self-empowerment, worldwide.

Here are a few ways to connect with your power, your essence, and your gifts. Our core self is where the truth lies. Reconnecting and discovering this truth leads us to a path of wholeness.

Here are a few suggestions to help you discover and take back your power:

  • Self-talk – when doubt impedes, revamp or rephrase what you tell yourself to turn the language around. These conversations can become positive forces in your life that help you see your own gifts rather than criticize yourself from a place of lack.
  • Meditationmeditation is a way to empower the mind and clear the pathways to make room for positivity. When you meditate, you allow yourself an opportunity to connect from within. This quiet time can be utilized as a means of self-reflection, self-honoring and disconnecting the self from the noise coming from the outside world. Sitting with yourself gives you the opportunity to be – be who you are – to be with yourself and reacquaint yourself with the beauty within YOU.
  • Journaling – journaling is the third opportunity to bring about reflection and confidence within yourself and your choices. Sit with a pen and paper and allow your thoughts to flow without judgment or criticism. This is not an activity that needs perfection, paragraphs, periods, or proper spelling. This is about the stream of consciousness and the flow of our thoughts. The growth that this offers is a beautiful gift.

Celebrate all the beauty you see when you see it – light a candle, honor yourself. Life is hard enough; make each moment as enjoyable as you can by bringing celebrations to each moment of awe.

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