Have you ever sat and wondered or been in amazement of what is directly in front of you? This has happened to me on a few occasions, but I specifically remember a time when I was on the airplane. I don’t like to fly but I try to sit in wonder as I look out the window and focus on the beauty of life and this opportunity to travel. I find myself in awe of it all.

This got me to thinking about our children. As I was watching and admiring what was in front of me with an open heart, I thought back to the days when my kids were smaller and tried to remember if I ever helped them to sit and wonder or ponder in this way? Had I pointed things like this out to them or shared in these types of experiences?

My last trip offered me this beautiful insight. I found myself mesmerized by the beauty of the sunrise and the various colors that I could see with my eyes rather than through my phone lens snapping pictures. Then I went on to admire the formation of the clouds and found myself truly focused on the shapes that I saw. I thought one of them truly looked like a heart. Perhaps this was my projection as my heart was definitely touched by all the beauty, but, perhaps it was not. I sat in wonder, amazement and completely lost in all that I was able to see.

Do you offer your children the opportunity to sit in awe?

I have noticed this often lately. When my kids were young, I was on a hamster wheel, constantly on the go. I never gave myself time to sit in awe, and I definitely did not make it clear in my children’s lives.  However, this is such an important part of our lives – just being with what is in front of us in a place of peace. I know how important this is now and try to share these opportunities with my children, my husband and my friends as much as I can. We are the models for our children. The more present we are in our own lives – admiring the world in front of us – the more we are demonstrating how this is done. Children tend to watch what we do more than do what we tell them to do. Modeling this for our children is important, just as important as it is to live this way for ourselves.

It’s never too late. I have learned that change can happen at any time. Bringing attention to these things stops time and makes us more aware of the present moment. How do you look at distinct moments with awe and mindfulness?

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