As we move closer and closer to the new year and the new decade, I believe it is important to think about the intentions we want to set in our lives. Whether in business, family or everyday life, setting intentions is a great way to refocus our energy without setting goals that are attached to outcomes. An intention differs from a resolution in the fact that it simply helps you align your everyday life from the inside out without putting the pressure on yourself to accomplish something specific. You cannot fail in setting intentions.

Unlike resolutions, which focus on doing, and often come with a stressful deadline or get forgotten about in the craziness of everyday life, intentions are about values, hopes, and desires. They are more like maps taking us to our next destination or desire – they typically focus on the being state, not the doing state.

What intentions would you like to set as you move into the new year and the new decade?

Here are a few things to think about when setting intentions:

What are you looking for more of in your life, and how can you get there?

Once you define the above, begin to visualize your intention and what it would feel like within to bring it to life. Intentions are about realigning from the inside out, what you want internally becomes reality externally.

What words or phrases can you use or keep in front of you daily that are good reminders of your intentions?

Allow yourself to focus on one intention per month for the entire year as opposed to several intentions each month. Be gentle with yourself. Make notes in a planner or notebook as to how the intention shows up and what your actions and plans are that bring it to life. You can also document how you feel.

Be practical in setting your intentions.

Here are a few ideas of intentions, to get you started:

Being present
Always tune in to those around you, and tune out what is not needed at that time.
Listen intently to those that are speaking, without thinking of your response.
Spend 15 minutes each day reflecting on how the day has gone while getting ready for bed.

Bring more gratitude to daily life
Share gratitude with someone each day.
Tell someone how much you care/love them/appreciate them, daily.
Focus on how fortunate you are to have the simplest things in my life, a home, heat, water, clothing, food – all the important elements.
Thank your body every day for its strength in what it allows you to do, not what it provides or looks like.

Live more in the being
When getting out of bed in the morning, stretch and move into greeting the day before touching your phone.
Keep a note pad nearby to jot down the things that come to mind every day.
Try to get more sleep buy getting into bed earlier, turning the tv off, putting the phone away and focusing on rest.

Do you resonate with intentions instead of resolutions?
What is on your list?

I hope that you are reminded of all the most important things in your life this holiday season. Wishing you a holiday season so bright that you need sunglasses!

May your holiday season be full of the presence of mind as you focus on the true gift of life.

I would love to share one of the latest episodes from the Conscious Parents, Thriving Kids Podcast about self-compassion. We all need this in our lives, especially as we set intentions. Click the link below to listen in.

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