Repetition plays a crucial part in our lives. One of my clients shared with me that she feels like she has been taking courses for several years to stay on a mindful and conscious path. She feels like she should have arrived by now. “Arrived where,” I asked her. Her response was “arrived at a higher level of consciousness.”

We then began the discussion of how important it is for us to hear messages over and over in many different formats: audio, audio-visual, and physical activity. Once we begin to integrate the concepts we have heard, we must learn how to apply them. Everyone is different in terms of how this integration plays out. However, with each opportunity, we are continually nurturing the seeds of consciousness in our everyday lives.

Repetition is important in so many ways. It is how we learn when we come into this world. When a baby is born, the repetition begins. Babies begin to learn how to suck on a pacifier, a mother’s breast or a bottle, and how to soothe themselves to sleep. The repetition of these actions is crucial as the learning curve is different for each newborn baby. The repetition continues as the grow. As they grow and learn, children play with the same toys or look at the same mobile over their bed, over and over again. We read stories or sing songs, repeating the same ones over and over again. The child begins to hear these songs and integrates them into their minds perhaps humming along or being aware when you skip a verse. Have you ever noticed your kids asking for the same few books over and over? Repetition is so important in our learning and growing.

As an adult, repetition remains important. We also need this reminder and training of new ways and new learnings so that we can transform and integrate them into our lives in a way in which they can serve us.

This is how we continue on the path of transformation and growth. We are born consciously aware but tend to stray away from that due to conditioning and societal pressure and expectations. As we step back into the realm of conscious awareness, training, and integration into our everyday life, we remain on the continuum of learning. It is all about the road and the journey. There is no destination. There is no endpoint. There is no place to arrive to. We are constantly learning, growing, and evolving into better versions of ourselves. We will never outgrow learning and repeating.

Earl Nightingale says that “whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” This reality is something we constantly nourish and work at.

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