Tune In and Tone Down.

No matter what the age of your child, when you make a change or do something different, it affects the dynamics of the relationship. For example, if you are one to raise your voice very quickly when things get out of hand, the more you become aware of your emotions before they get the best of you, the better chance that you might remain calm and talk in a quieter voice. As you build your awareness and focus on your body and mind and the signs that accompany these reactions, the more you can tune in and tone down.

So, before you react, begin to notice what happens in your body and mind. Do you find your heart begin to race and your palms sweat? These are all signs that the more we become aware of, the more we can pay attention to and shift them before they take over. When our emotions start to overcome our body and mind, we can actually reset ourselves by taking a few deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling, reminding ourselves to not allow our emotions to take over our reactions. As you remain calm, your children will pick up on it and most likely stay calm too.

How do you connect with your mind and body during these emotional moments? What works for you to stay calm?

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