I trust the universe. I have been sick and indoors for 11 days straight now. Normally that would drive me stir crazy. When it snows and I am stuck inside for a day or two, I feel like the walls are closing in on me. Not this time. Not with this flu. I felt like I surrendered completely to what was, the virus that was taking hold of me. I did not try to fight it, complain about it, or feel like life was unfair. I am not saying that having the flu was easy. However, it was different.

First, I do not remember ever being this sick. That, in itself, was already something to work through. I have been looking at the lessons in many ways, as if I was an outsider, watching the scene unfold. I saw how my body was responding and what it needed at every turn, different scenery – bed to the couch, food, water, many warm blankets, etc. I have been so quiet and have heard so much in such a different way. We do not always offer ourselves such a peaceful time but when our bodies shut down, our inner energy might take a different form – fight what is or accept it and listen carefully.

For me, the acceptance and surrender were true gifts. The spirit inside me was alive, thriving and waiting patiently while my body continued to heal. I knew that these were all lessons in patience, acceptance, and quiet. The more I participated in what was needed the stronger I felt. That may sound like a contradiction but for me, it holds true. As I moved forward and started to feel better, the energy that came from within was fierce, thoughtful and full. New ideas were emerging as if a skin had been shed and a new one exposed. I feel like I have a new lease on life. There was nothing wrong with the old one; however, the new one offers a fresh perspective, energy and force. Quiet and illness offered me this opportunity. I am going forward with conviction in a way that I have not seen since my 20’s. The fire is burning inside and out and I see nothing but possibility and opportunity as I see my healthy body returning. Seizing what is now is my mission.

I have gained a new energy and vibration. I feel as if the universe and the frequency of my inner being are flowing in an enormous way. There are lessons here for all of us. When our body is not where we want it to be, we must be careful that we do not let our minds go to thoughts that take us down into the rabbit hole. For example, why am I sick, why me? These thoughts do not serve us. So the first lesson is to be mindful of our thoughts that are not serving us in any way. Secondly, give ourselves time and space to be still, thoughtful and mindful, staying with the energy that serves us.


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