Creating consciousness and conscious awareness is a passion of mine.

As a Conscious Educator, I speak at schools, organizations, and other meeting places helping parents to bring more focus and awareness to the parent-child relationship and more mindfulness to daily parent–child interactions.

I offer a number of different in-person workshops and webinars involving topics such as Conscious Parenting 4-part series, Raising Kids In Our Digital Age, Raising Intrinsically Motivated Kids, Cultivating An Attitude of Gratitude, Raising Respectful Listeners, and more.

Conscious Education for Parents

I also offer a popular 4-week course on Conscious Parenting:

This course teaches you how to bring more peace into your parenting by learning more about conscious living. When you live a conscious life, you are actively evaluating the decisions and choices you make to be sure they are in alignment with your own values, not societal values. Every day offers a fresh start to living a more conscious life. Learn how to free yourself from societal pressures and attune to your own rhythm and beat by seizing each moment as it presents itself.

What Parents are saying about my workshops :