The Conscious Parents Thriving Kids Podcast is especially for parents who want to revitalize the joy in parenting!

My podcast is designed to help parents all over the world create deeper connections with themselves and their children, so their families can thrive.

Listen in for parenting stories, successes, pitfalls and supportive coaching techniques to move through the challenges and chaos on your parenting journey. Enjoy transformational conversations with experts, educators, and parents who will inspire and inform you as you tap into your own values in parenting.

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Conscious Parents, Thriving Kids with Sue DeCaro

01 Welcome to the very first episode of Conscious Parents, Thriving Kids, a place for all things parenting.

I look forward to sharing many creative ideas, tools, and solutions geared to everyday parenting. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs there is. My focus in this podcast series is to help parents to connect deeply with themselves and each child in their care. Through various interviews, conversations, sharing of parenting tools, ideas and solutions, my hope is that you will feel inspired with new strategies as you move forward on your parenting journey.

02 Letting go of the storybook fantasy of family life

We enter into this parenting journey with perhaps a storybook fantasy of what this family life will be. This fantasy often includes both expectations of our children as well as ourselves, who we should be as parents. Tune in to learn how letting go of these expectations and fantasies opens the door to a beautiful relationship with the children in front of us.

03 Nurturing the whole child with special guest Deborah McNelis

Join me and my special guest, Deborah McNelis founder of Neuro-Nurturing. Listen in to learn about her work and how we can support the blossoming of the whole child as a unique being, allowing the heart of our children to truly shine!

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